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Pure, Consistent, Scientific Standards

Our products are manufactured in Colorado with a focus on standards and organic processes from “seed to sale” to ensure the highest quality to support our mission for consistency in the clinical and wellness setting.

Our Clinical Focus on Wellness and Efficacy:

Our focus is to provide the highest quality and most consistent CBD products to consumers for the treatment and management of inflammation, analgesia (pain), insomnia, anxiety, and inflammatory GI disorders.

Our founding clinicians have treated numerous patients suffering from a variety of these and other health conditions. With our years of experience and clinical observations leveraging CBD and hemp-derived products with tremendous success to minimize the side effects of traditional prescription pain, sleep, and anxiety medications.

Our mission is to give consumers the option of treating these conditions organically and naturally, while decreasing and minimizing the need for narcotics and traditional medications that can have a negative impact on health.


Living On CBD is a

Trusted Provider of CBD Products


Seeds & Genetics

Living On CBD strictly monitors all levels of production from cell to sell.


Craft Farmers

We are 100% transparent on how our products are made and processed.


Growers, Field & Soil

We use the most sustainable practices that ensure the highest quality hemp.

We’re About Living Natural, Living Organic, Living With and Living On

We are the Living On CBD Team

Loren Eckart


Clarissa Eckart

Head of Operations

Katherine Sexton

Head of Brand Strategy

John Sexton

Head of Marketing and Design

Our Medical Advisory Board


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