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Living On CBD is the #1 Online Marketplace To Buy Organic Hemp-Derived CBD Products

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Who is Living On CBD?

We are strong advocates for organic practices, forming partnerships with vendors and organic farmers that employ strict methods of soil replenishing and reintroduction of biomass without the use of harmful additives or pesticides.  You can feel confident and trust that the products we carry are the best available.

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Education & CBD Products

We understand that the CBD market can be overwhelming with a flood of endless brands and products.  We only offer 3rd party tested products, further reviewed and tested by our team.  We stand by our partner brands while we research and vet new products and companies for our beloved customers.

Living On CBD is a

Trusted Provider of CBD Products

Living On CBD curates multiple brands to source only the best vendors that take pride in doing it right. We further evaluate the growers behind the brands seeking the “Craft Farmers” that practice organic farming techniques, enlist predator insects for pest control and practice a “zero-waste” grow and production process.


Seeds & Genetics

Living On CBD strictly monitors all levels of production from cell to sell.


Craft Farmers

We partner with vendors that are transparent on how products are made and processed.


Growers, Field & Soil

We use the most sustainable practices that ensure the highest quality hemp.

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